Clickable Prototype for a Mobile App
This prototype, created in Axure, is for a mobile training log app for Runner's World. (No password is required.)
Wireframes for a Web App
These wireframes are for an online training log for Runner's World and Bicycling. They define both a desktop and a mobile interface. (30-page PDF)
Wireframes for a Whole Site
This comprehensive document was the spec for large-scale redesign of It details the site taxonomy and both the desktop and mobile views of the user interface, as well as requirements for the content management system. (110-page PDF)
Functional Specifications for an E-Commerce Platform
This document was the spec for the Online Acquisition Engine, an e-commerce platform uses by Rodale for selling books, DVDs, digital downloads, magazine subscriptions, and subscription services. (120-page PDF)


User Persona
At Vanguard I went on site visits where I interviewed and observed managers and administrators of 401(k) plans. Based on this research, the design team gained a clear and thorough understanding of user goals and tasks.
Usability Test Report
This report summarizes findings from a usability test of, an e-commerce website specializing in organic products. I planned and facilitated the study and presented design recommendations based on the findings. (15-page PDF)
Card Sort Study
I conducted card sort studies for Men's Health and all of the other Rodale brands. The studies revealed user-centered structures, which the brands used to structure the taxonomies of their websites.

Writing and Instructional Design

Journal Article About the Mac OS Help System
This article, "Designing Apple Help," was published in the book Interface Design and Document Design. It describes the design rationale behind the Mac OS Help system.
Instructional Design at Apple
Brief descriptions of my projects at Apple from 1988-1998.
A Chapter From My Book
This is a chapter from my book-in-progress, "The Making of Sense," which takes on the ambitious question, "How did everything—from language to the Internet—come to be the way it is?" (18-page PDF)