About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Knabe (pronounced ka-nob).

I've been working as a user experience designer for over 25 years. I'm expert in all phases of the user-centered design process, including user research, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing. I've run over a thousand usability test sessions.

My process involves:

1. Doing up-front research to understand users and their goals

2. Finding the common ground shared by user goals and business goals

3. Representing user goals clearly in a product design

4. Iterating the design based on user feedback

Been There, Done That

I have worked in technology, financial services, e-commerce, and publishing.

At SEI, I do design and user research for the SEI Global Wealth Platform for banks and financial advisers.

At Apple, I designed the online help system for the Mac OS. My colleagues and I were awarded a U.S. patent for our innovative design work.

At Vanguard, I did contextual observations and in-depth interviews with Vanguard's institutional investment clients, as well as usability testing of design prototypes.

At Rodale, I was the user experience designer for Runner's World, whose website was honored by the American Society of Magazine Editors as the best site of any U.S. magazine.

What I Love About What I Do

I love collaboration.
For me, a good day at work is a day at the white board with a design team: business people, programmers, writers, and visual designers. It's exhilarating when a group of people create something that's better than what any of them could have come up with alone.

I love clarity.
This might sound weird, but to me a well-written spec is a beautiful thing. I take pride in creating clear and detailed wireframes and user interface specifications. Elegant design is the product of meticulous attention to detail.

I love data.
Sometimes when I'm presenting user research findings, I'll look around the room and see everyone nodding their heads. In those moments I can see that everyone "gets it." A team informed by data is no longer guessing, but knowing.